Development of geoinformatics database for good agriculture and organic agriculture in Nakhon Pathom Province

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Nuttakorn Sittarachu
Narong Pleerux
Narumon Intarawichian
Kanlaya Tienwong


his article presents the development of a geoinformatics database for good agriculture and organic agriculture. The spatial database was used for planning and supporting greenhouse for authorities, executives and agriculturists in Nakhon Pathom. A geospatial database was developed by simulating relevant real-world data and linking with farmers’ plantation usage data. The database development was divided into 8 steps: studying definitions and theories related to agriculture, designing a database, preparing base maps and data surveys forms, collecting data from agencies and field surveys between October 2018 and April 2019, importing spatial data, importing descriptive information, linking the data layers of the greenhouses to the farmers’ plantation usage data, and making a data dictionary. These databases were comprised of 10 layers with 3 main layers, namely 500 greenhouses, 36 markets and 19 agricultural products packing plants data layers, and 7 layers as base maps. The data layers were designed as a relational database which could be linked for greenhouse purposes. The results showed that all functions such as search, retrieval, analysis, and display functions are performed well with these databases. The geoinformatics database can also be used effectively as a database for the development of spatial decision support systems.


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