The application of innovative filagen fibers in combination with natural fibers

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Supanicha Srivorradatpaisan
Kriangsak Khiaomang
Sakorn Chonsakorn


This research aimed at studying an application of the innovative filagen fibers combined with natural fibers in order to produce natural indigo dyed socks. There were three types of natural fibers, namely water hyacinth fiber, pineapple fiber, and banana fiber. These natural fibers were blended with filagen fiber with different ratios. Then, researchers synergized with yarn expert producers from Kongkiat Textile Company Limited. These yarns were analyzed their suitability and quality based on their natural fibers’ characteristics. The mixing formula comprised 25% of filagen fibers, 15% of natural fibers, and 60% cotton fibers with an open-end spinning (OE) yarn spinning system. This focused on creating the yarn number 20/1 Denier. Afterward, these three natural mixed yarns were tested their physical properties by employing the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) camera for their validity, accordingly. It was found that the characteristics of these mixed natural yarns after spinning were similar. In particular, the pineapple yarn was likely to be the smoothest in terms of its texture’s surface and threading smoothness. These yarns can be used to produce socks with elasticity and flexibility satisfactory. In addition, these yarns were not only good at exhibiting clear patterns derived from the tie-dying technique but also good at absorbing indigo substance very well. Therefore, these natural mixed fibers should be considered as new types of fibers that can be used in a variety of commercial textile applications and weaving industries.


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