Development of learning media with community participation for an exhibition in Jipathaphan Kubua village museum, Muang district, Ratchaburi province

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Saha Puksirivongchai
Vatcharapol Hongthong


The research entitled “Development of Learning Media with Community Participation for an Exhibition in the Jipathaphan Kubua Village Museum in Ban Bua Sub District, Amphur Muang District, Ratchaburi” aims to develop the learning media from community participation for an exhibition of the Jipathaphan Kubua Village Museum and the visitors’ satisfaction with the museum through Participatory Action Research (PAR). The researcher used a purposive sampling method, dividing the participants into two groups: 1) informants including the local philosophers, academics, community leaders and the museum staff, and 2) the experimental group who tested the learning media in the museum including the Kubua locals, teenagers and tourists. The tools used were interviews, group discussions and questionnaires. The research concluded that the problems and needs of the people in the community in the exhibition of learning media on the first floor of the exhibition room are the lack of descriptions on the display despite the appropriateness of real media and model types. On the second floor, video projectors are not working properly, therefore, they could not show the information in each room when viewing the display. The solution is the adaptation of modern media and reality technology. The visitors’ average satisfaction toward the use of the media was at a very high level. The research recommends a follow-up study to understand the identity of Thai people after participating in the production of media for the Jipathaphan Kubua Village Museum. Moreover, other display technologies should be integrated with Augmented Reality (AR).


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