The journey of life: Meaning of aging and living among Tai-Dam older ethnic group Case study Tai-Dam community of Donputcha and Bangpla Sub-district, Nakhon Pathom

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Nattawut Singkul


This article is part of the research entitled “The Journey of Life: Meaning for Aging and The Life of the Tai Dam Aging Group in Nakhon Pathom Province”. The study applied ethnographic methods, including participatory observation, data collection, and indepth interviews with communities in the Tai Dam district, both men and women, totaling 20 people for a period of 10 months (November 2017-August 2018). The study found that the beliefs of ancestor ghosts and spirits remain the center of the ethnic identity of the Tai Dam people who have remained firmly in the transitional period under the role of the elderly who act as knowledgeable people. The story of the Tai Dam elderly concerning about living and traveling to the eternal path of life reflects the negotiation under the body’s natural and cultural conditions in living and afterlife.


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