The process of developing infographic website to support and promote tourism Case study: Saphan Hin stone bridge on Tha Li, Kumphawapi district Udon Thani province

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Thapanee Phengsuk


This study aimed to 1) analyze and design the infographic tourism map 2) develop an infographic website to promoting tourism of Saphan Hin (a large and distinctive Natural Stone Bridge), an important tourist attraction which deserves studying due to its strong potential in tourism in Tha Li sub-district, Kumphawapi district, Udon Thani province and 3) assess users’ satisfactory rate with the website. The participatory research for developing multimedia with an infographic was developed to promote a tourism website with the support of the community to help gather and summarize the information about the stone bridge. The infographic was used to present the background of the attraction, tourist route map, tourist guidebook, local products and contact channels. Analyzing and summarizing guidelines for presenting, designing and developing multimedia infographic format were conducted. The satisfaction evaluation was done by 100 tourists. this study encompassed three domains: 1) (Saphan Hin’s) Identity reflection, 2) Design, and 3) Usage and utility. It was found that the latter domain was the highest according to the satisfactory questionnaire’s distribution. Generally speaking, the total average rate of three domains was at high level. It is clear that the development of multimedia infographic helps promoting and publicizing tourism of the community.


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