Preparing strategies for happy elderly transition

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Ekkaphon Wongsaree
Kamonwan Kittiudomrat
Jirawat Tippayarod
Chalermphorn Worraphantakit
Phanwadee Kittiudomrat


The purposes of this research were to study problems and to determine developmental strategies for elderly transition with happiness. The data were collected from 400 questionnaires responded by elderly participants and 57 in-depth interviews. The quantitative data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, namelyfrequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation. The qualitative data was analyzed using the content analysis. The results of the study showed that most participants were female, aged between 60 - 64 years old, held a primary educational level, married status with two children, and 47.3% were healthy. The most problematic issues found in the research were family institution development followed by health issues, career and income, housing, and self-development issues. The most need of the elderly was to live together with children and family followed by being taken care of by the family, being healthy both physically and mentally without sickness. The preparing strategies for elderly transition were to build awareness among the family members to take care of the elderly, to enhance knowledge of the elderly’s nutrition, exercises, recreational activities, and an annual health check-up, to create elderly associations of skills and training development, to build housing for the elderly with security and standards, as well as to promote self-learning and development for the elderly. There should be integration among government agencies, local governments and communities for such a systematic preparation such as transportation, guidelines on taking care of the elderly at home, the daily routine of the elderly, health, and recreational activities for the elderly to participate.


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