Creation of mixed technique painting from concepts and symbols in the Isan rural lifestyle

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Saksit Buakham


The objectives of the research on the creation of fine arts with mixed painting techniques from concepts and symbols in the Isan (northeastern region) rural lifestyle were namely 1) to study and analyze the lifestyle concepts and symbols from the way of life of rural people in Udon Thani Province which is close to the natural environment in the countryside and 2) to create fine artwork from painting techniques which mix two-dimensional characteristics and semi-abstracted styles together through symbolic shapes and traces from rural life. The research was conducted by studying and analyzing data from the environment, data, documents and information from various art forms. They were used to analyze for the unique content, form and techniques and to improve the creation of 10 quality works. It was found that the contents of the works indicated a simple and self-sufficient lifestyle. The work style is semi-abstract having a large hand shape as the main shape. There was a clue of living things and agricultural tool usage in the field. The works were exhibited in a symbolic manner which reduced natural reality by using just lines and surface texture. Each symbolic shape was recomposed into a new symbol from the concept and theory of art composition to unity and can relay a new meaning in techniques and methods for the studying of the properties and characteristics of acrylic chemistry paint. Anti-seepage mixing sand acrylics which were the mixture of local materials and modern materials by scrapping and expunging with color water were used to create the appearance of the remains of a fossil, which was the characteristic of the fertile soil showing the signs of a rural lifestyle with a feeling of longing for primitive rural life. This is to be the knowledge and guideline for the development of creative works of visual arts which mix the local topics to become contemporary art.


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