Organizational citizenship behavior and work efficiency of employees at a local revenue office

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Panjaree Srimook
Jutamart Mouanthong
Jureewan Janpla


The purposes of this research are 1. to compare organizational citizenship behavior classified by personal factors 2. to study factors affecting organizational citizenship behavior, and 3. to study relationship between organizational citizenship behavior and work efficiency. The research instrument was questionnaires. The sample size was 125 employees at area local revenue office which was selected by using stratified random sampling. Statistics for data analysis were frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, independent sample t-test, F-test, stepwise multiple regression analysis and Pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient. The analysis of this research shows three findings. First, there was not statistically significance difference between personal factors and organizational citizenship behavior. Second, work responsibility and job characteristic affects organizational citizenship behavior with a statistically significant level of .01 (p<.01). The predictive powers at 78.20 percent and the forecasting equation as Z = 0.684 (X9) + 0.288 (X10). Third, organizational citizenship behavior has significant positive correlation with work efficiency at level of .01 (r = 0.835).


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