Upgrading the management of culture for local experience tourism

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Tipsuda Putjorn
Thitima Vechpong


The research aimed to study the management of culture for local experience tourism, to upgrade its management, and to provide the guidelines for upgrading. A qualitative research method was applied including observation, interviews and focus group discussion with cultural managers of tourism activities, experts, governmental managers and staff, and local tour operators of 5 provincial tourism routes of Mae Hong Son, Sukhothai, Trat-Chanthaburi, Chumphon-Ranong, and Satun. The results show that Sukhothai upgrades the tourism activity through the making of Thai traditional dancing accessories, and the learning of Wang Won community lifestyles, while, in Satun, the upgrade is taken in Baan Ton Panan community based-tourism. In Trat, community based-tourism in the Salak Khok community is upgraded. The method was cultural managers and researchers’ participation in planning, was proceeded by cultural managers themselves, with observations of the results of upgrading the management of culture and feedback of the results of upgrading the management of culture from tourisms and cultural managers. Preparation of the guidelines for upgrading the local culture management of local experience tourism was made by establishing focus groups to discuss and analyze the cultural management potential that relate to the activities of the tourism routes as well as summarizing and providing a guideline for culture management consisting of decisions on approaches of upgrading, process of upgrading, setting the qualification of cultural manager, enhancing the knowledge of cultural managers, upgrading the collection of cultural knowledge, upgrading the cultural transfer, upgrading of learning, upgrading the process of educating the tourists before traveling, upgrading the management of local experience tourism activities, upgrading the activities of learning communities’ contexts, upgrading the activities of local food cooking, upgrading the activities of overnight in homestays, upgrading the management to maintain the culture, upgrading co-operation, and upgrading the evaluation of cultural management.


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