Development of vocational personnel education in tourism: border areas of Surin and Buriram provinces

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Thidsanu Methawudthisakun
Chulaporn Kobjaiklang
Aphimuk Sadompruek


In cooperating with Thai-Cambodian agencies, this study has two objectives that are 1. to determine guidelines for promoting important knowledge and skills of vocational education personnel and 2. to develop a sustainablemodel for tourism along the area of the Thai-Cambodian borderline in Surin and Buriram provinces. This research is a qualitative research using research on relevant concepts, theories, and selected methods, along with in-depth interview and focus group discussion. The key informants are relevant vocational education personnel. The study showed that guidelines for improving knowledge and skills for vocational education personnel can be as follows: 1. educational institutions should continuously provide professional trainings regarding knowledge about tourism for students, for example, a tour guide training course and 2. the government and educational institutes should constantly investigate tourism labors’ needs, then make use of the information in promoting sustainable cooperation and develop a model for sustainable tourism development.


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