Effectiveness of passive versus active YouTube advertising between target groups

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Jeynah Lynne Parmelee
Tiwa Park


This research is an experimental research in the subject of “Effectiveness of Passive Versus Active YouTube Advertising between Target Groups” and is a case study of “Interview in English Like-a-Pro” course advertisement through YouTube Channel, Exchanges with Jeynah. It aims to compare the result from A/B Testing of passive and active ads and between new graduates and high school students in order to study which advertisement and which targeted group have better efficiency by measuring the Engagement and Conversion. The research found that passive selling advertisement having “Value” content to audiences showed better conversion effectiveness. However, advertisement clip with direct selling having engagement content showed better result by drawing audiences’ attention to watch advertisement and follow. The outcome between 2 targeted groups found that new graduates were interested in developing knowledge skills through passive advertisement and the most engagement. However, students who had been preparing for entrance examination clicked further to the website and asked for more information. Therefore, the research was analyzed that business relation advertisement and services through YouTube platform could determine the desired outcomes.


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