Guideline for urban sprawl controlling case study of Bua Yai municipality, Nakhon Ratchasima province

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Chirachat Charoenboon
Wimonsiri Saengkrod


The research aims to study the expansion of Bua Yai municipality in Nakhon Ratchasima province in order to find the most efficient ways to manage the town and urban expansion. Because Bua Yai municipality had projects to develop governmental infrastructure and has an important role in developing urban rail transit, Bua Yai municipality became more economically and socially developed. Moreover, the usage of the town’s land has been developed by the municipality. As a result, people in the municipallity earn more incomes. On the contrary, green spaces which represent the quality of people’s lives in the town has been decreasing. This study which is a literature review concerning the expansion of Bua Yai municipality found three significant issues. Firstly, the population in the city has decreased. Secondly, most of the population earns money from agriculture and the economy of the town has gradually expanded. Thirdly, the number of the properties which were built along the highway number 202, the main road of the town, has significantly risen. In terms of town planning, Bua Yai municipality divided the town into sections to be served by public utility, public facilities. Additionally, the municipality allowed the establishment of factories in agricultural rural areas. These are the main causes of the deterioration of green areas in the town. Moreover, these policies also resulted in directionless growth of Bua Yai municipality. Based upon the findings, this study offers the municipality two suggestions concerning the municipality’s town planning. First, the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) stated in the case study of Umea Akita in Japan to develop and upgrade the area around the Bua Yai train station may be applied. This is to make the municipality an economic center. Second, to encourage people to travel on foot and to reduce traffic congestion, the municipality may apply the policies to manage car parks and pavements as stated in the case study of Coritiba in Brazil.


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