The development of materials’ appearance for jewelry pieces to continue the sufficiency

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Onuma Wichaikul
Supavee Sirinkraporn


This research explored the potential of the raw materials derived from the Royal Projects of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, mainly in the western part of Thailand. This is to generate innovative features from the materials to use in jewelry design in concordance with the philosophy of self-sufficiency economy. The research began with the establishment of the framework for the royal land reform development projects in the western region of Thailand and with the process to find appropriate natural materials which reflect the geographical identity and lifestyles of local people and which have an important role in rehabilitating the natural environment. As a result, the research suggested three approaches to materials development. The approaches are 1. to respect the power of Nature by preserving the natural colors and textures, 2. to maximize the potential of existing resources by utilizing tools and jewelry making techniques, and 3. to provide innovative features of jewelry by integrating different techniques and tools in jewelry making. In conclusion, these three directions create the maximum result without the complexity of the process that consonant to the philosophy of self-sufficiency and translated the sustainable aesthetics through contemporary jewelry.


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