The development of GIS public health database in Lamphun municipality

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Warin Wongwan


This research aimed to 1. study the healthcare service of Lamphun municipality and 2. develop public health database with Geographic Information System (GIS). The purposes of this research and development study were to develop the GIS public health database. The personal health data was collected from non-communicable diseases (NCDs): 729 Hypertension and Diabetes patients in Lamphun Municipality Health Service Center.The research procedure is 1. study the user’s requirement 2. develop mobile GIS as a smart phone application to compile the positions on geographical location (latitude-longitude) and the patient health information 3. test the application and 4. develop the public health database with GIS. The results show that the Mobile GIS on smartphone can identify patient’s position, individual health information and be used simultaneously by multiple people. The users of GIS Mobile application can add, edit and manage their health data, search for their personal health data that was reported in charts. The database is displayed as an online mapping. Furthermore, the data was stored on Cloud as a data table that generated as layers of GIS data and the Geodatabase that can be applied on GIS Web to improve the healthcare service of Lamphun municipality.


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