The study of Dystopian film with the mix of film genres

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Jivasit Virameteekul


This article investigates dystopian societies presented in films by focusing on the background to dystopia, its definition, and importance. “Dystopian society” refers to a society which is filled with chaos, social division, and injustice. Dystopian society stems from the demands of capitalist rulers who seek ways to deprive people’s rights. In addition, this type of rulers dominates people’s ideas, brainwashes, and forces them to join a new cult. Among different forms of fiction in which the presentations of dystopian society have been explored, film is a popular form. Therefore, through a cinematic perspective, this article attempts to analyze the dystopian society which has never been included in any genres of film or film theories. Consequently, this study discovers that the convention of dystopian films are resulted from the integration between the convention of the science fiction film and of sub-genre of the cult film.


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