User interface design for smart farms-controlled application case study on a flower farm

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Laknara Chandraramya
Warit Thammasiriroj


This article presents a graphical user interface designed for smart flower farms which are controlled by an application and how the application layout is arranged to optimize ease of use. The design is based on composition theories and principles of mass and space to arrange compositions on space conditioned by screen dimensions of mobile devices. The background is a key element in defining space in vector form, creating an atmospheric frame for the design space. The elements are positioned to convey a concept shaped by user requirements and experience as a strategy for defining the scope and structure of the application. The evaluation has been obtained and considered from two groups of people. The first group is experts, who evaluated the design through a questionnaire on graphical user interface designed for a prototype of smart flower farm, and the result showed that the satisfaction level was high. The second group is farmers, whose evaluation can be divided into two aspects, namely design and application. It was found that the overall design was pleasant and attractive and the overall satisfaction in application was at the highest level. Additionally, the future development guidelines of this application are 1. being able to connect the system to use in multiple farms, 2. adding an online trading system between farmers and buyers directly, and 3. being a smart farming learning center for farmers who are interested.


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