King Rama VI’s experience of performing arts in England

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Rachada Chotipanich
Surapone Virulrak


His Majesty King Vajiravudh (King Rama VI) was notably keen on drama, as witnessed in 187 of his famous works. His dramatic works can be divided into 4 periods: the early period (in his childhood), the second period (when he studied in England), the third period (after he returned from England), and the fourth period (after he was crowned to be the king). Previous studies mainly explored his works, ideas, and writing techniques, yet background to those works and his influential experiences on those works were not investigated. This article is part of the doctoral dissertation focusing on H.M. King Rama VI’s biography in relation to the creation of his dramas. The objective of this paper is to study how King Rama VI's experience in the field of performing arts while living in England from 1893 to 1902 influenced his works. This historical research drew upon his personal diaries, his works, and research documents. The study revealed that not only did he frequently attend a number of drama performances, but he also self-studied the works. His interest, observation, comparison, re-examination, and creation can be classified into 5 perspectives as follows—audience, playwright, organizer, director, and performer. As a result, the study suggested that his wealth of experience during that time became a source of information for him to create his dramas.


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