Creation of Thai puppets in high-tech era for digital media communication

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Nivet Waevsamana


An objective of this article is to how artists who created traditional Thai art pieces have adjusted themselves to the social changes in the modern era. In the past decades, high-tech productions for entertainment and communication have played important roles in various fields of Thai art, including the art of puppetry. A Thai puppetry, Bann Tookkatoon Hoonkrabok Thai (Tookkatoon Hoonkrabok House) has also been making use of these technologies in their performance. This marks a fresh shift in the puppetry production. This article demonstrates the knowledge collected from educational information which was resulted from interviews. The interviewees are divided into groups, namely audiences, students, and artists who involved in the arts and performance. Also, the results were supported by the syntheses derived from the findings of an artist’s experiments. That experiments’ findings are vital as it were thoroughly analyzed by the artist who had experimented on integrative designing process through the combination of traditional materials and digital media in the puppetry performance. This study indicates that technologies can be used as a tool to further develop, promote, and strengthen the sustainability of traditional art. It can also set as a guideline and an alternative for those who see the benefits of this creativity in developing their work related to Thai puppet art.


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