The development of traceability system for specialty coffee: A case study of Coffee Go Green Café

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Thitiwat Ta-Kham
Sukumal Tauwsakul
Naravit Khwamman
Wanphen Jitjaroen


The aim of this research was to develop a traceability system for specialty coffee by studying the system of Coffee Go Green Café at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, Lampang. The research and development method has been divided into 2 phases. In phase 1, the project studied the demand for a traceability system from various stakeholders which are 1. coffee shop entrepreneurs, consumers, and farmers from Lampang and nearby provinces, Thailand, and 2. academics from the field of information technology, marketing, and food science. Semi-structured interviews and qualitative research were utilized as tools to collect and analyze the data. The results of the first phase led to the second phase that was the development of a traceability system for the Coffee Go Green Café, which used the system development life cycle process. The analysis and designs of the system were presented by using context diagrams and data flow diagram, and the PHP Language was used to code the programs. The traceability system for specialty coffee can be divided into 5 sub-systems: 1) coffee production management system, 2) collecting and processing system for coffee products, 3) special coffee quality control system, 4) special coffee distribution system, and 5) monitoring data and reports system. Experts in the field of information technology, marketing, food science, and a representative from Coffee Go Green Café were invited to evaluate the system. Satisfaction assessment forms were used to collect data. The results show that most of the participants are satisfied with the system. The system is able to confirm and trace information on the full production chain of specialty coffee.


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