Research on the principles and teaching strategies of the Chinese characters for Thai students

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Pan Lei
Lin Weizhen
Aphimuk Jitsing
Jia MingHui


Chinese characters are a key element of Chinese language. In the process of teaching and learning Chinese, it is necessary to focus on teaching and learning Chinese characters. Nowadays, there are more and more people in Thailand learning Chinese, but Chinese characters are still a problem and obstacle for Thai learners. This article explores the principles and rules of Chinese characters and research strategies that could be applied in the practice of teaching Chinese characters, and this will lead to the development of teaching and learning Chinese in Thailand. The results suggested that the principles and strategies of Chinese character teaching for Thai learners should comprise these steps: 1) setting goals and learning requirements; 2) clarifying the learning scope of Chinese characters and understand the structure and meaning of Chinese characters; 3) setting the level of the characters’ difficulty by starting from the easiest level to the most difficult level; and 4), in terms of the content, having students study the details of Chinese characters in depth, such as looking at the structure of Chinese characters, the position of the component in Chinese characters, and comparing the similar Chinese Radicals.


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