The development of marketing communications to promote Ban Bangtao community-based tourism

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Phanwadee Kittiudomrat


This research article aimed to study and compare opinions on marketing communication conditions of Ban Bangtao community-based tourism between Ban Bangtao community and tourists in various aspects; and to study and make recommendations on the development of marketing communications to promote community-based tourism in Ban Bangtao. The mixed methods research was used to collect the quantitative data by questionnaires from 396 people living in Ban Bangtao community, Cherngtalay Subdistrict, Thalang District, Phuket Province and from 384 tourists including in-depth interviews of 16 people and two focus group discussions among community leaders and executives from both government and private sectors. The quantitative data were analyzed using percentage, mean, standard deviation, and t-test, while the qualitative data were analyzed by data classification and comparison. The findings revealed that Ban Bangtao community and tourists expressed the most different opinions about online marketing and social media, followed by personal sales. Meanwhile, the important guideline for the development of marketing communications for tourism promotion in Ban Bangtao community is that public and private sectors and community should network under the form of a committee in 8 areas: 1) Advertising through social media channels. 2) Sales promotion by means of discounts, exchanges, or giveaways to attract tourists’ attention. 3) Organizing special events and creating experiences through annual activities and festivals that are unique to the community. 4) Public relations by giving interviews through local media. 5) Online marketing and social media: stories, news, and activities should be promoted on social media. 6) Mobile marketing: local products or travel packages should be sold and serviced via mobile shopping apps. 7) Direct marketing and database: the original tourist database should be collected and used. 8) Personal sales: people in the community should be trained to be good hosts and great storytellers.


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