Activity-based costs and simulation for logistics cost reduction in cocoa industry

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Chuleekorn Chuchottaworn


The objectives of this research were 1) to analyze the activity-based costing of cocoa cultivation and 2) to
propose a way to reduce logistics costs in exporting cocoa to Japan. This research uses mixed method model which incorporates 1) Supply Chain Operations Reference Model, 2) activity-based costing analysis, and 3) a simulation model. The research found top 3 highest costs revealed the activity-based costing of cocoa cultivation that are 1) planting and production activities costing the most at 325,188 baht per year, and the cost per unit is 7.12, 2) transportation activities costing 97,522 baht per year, and the cost per unit is 2.13, and 3) planning activities cost 65,268 baht per year and the cost per unit is 1.43. The researchers created a scenario model to improve the
sub-activities in the transportation activities that are directly related to the logistics activities. The improvement resulted in an increase in the amount of cocoa that could be collected after the improvement by 116 sacks, or 26.67 percent. Time to transfer goods to storage can be reduced by 45.39 minutes, or 47.27 percent, and the process of transferring goods to the delivery area can be reduced by 3.32 minutes, or 7.14%. The number of items waiting to transfer to the storage area can be reduced by 2.53 sacks or 44.62 percent, and the process of transferring goods to the delivery area can be reduce 1.55 sacks or 37.26 percent. The reorganization of warehouse flow and the logistics system directly affect the efficiency of operations and operating costs.


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