A study of stray dog problems in urban contexts for alternative solutions with a small-scale architecture

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Yodsaporn Juntongjeen
Sarawuth Pintong


Stray dog problems have been deeply rooted in Thailand for a long time. Each year, the country spends large sums of money on problems caused by stray dogs including rabies vaccination, health management, and shelter construction for stray dogs. However, they are not enough to handle the increasing numbers of stray dogs yearly which makes an impact on the society. The poor welfare of stray dogs also creates a negative image for the community. At present, there is a discussion between the government parties, private sectors, and groups of volunteers to find solutions to reduce the reproduction of stray dogs by sterilization before returning them back to their community. However, there is still a lack of proper management of stray dogs’ welfare in urban areas causing annoyance and unfavorable effects in many aspects. The ‘Stand for Strays’ project aims to manage stray dog problems in the community by installing small-scale architectural doghouses in the designated areas as temporary ‘resting’ and ‘relaxing’ shelters for stray dogs. The shelters can support the work of the agencies taking care of stray dogs and create orderliness for the urban community. They also help elevate living conditions of dogs in order to live in harmony with people in the community. Besides, this project will raise people’s awareness of the problems of stray dogs, create positive attitudes, and reduce conflicts for a better quality of life in the society.


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บทความวิชาการ (Review Article)


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