Creation of a series of paintings: "The Happiness of Phi Ta Khon"

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Sittiwat Meewankhum
Thairoj Phoungmanee
Payu Fangsap
Thanchanok Tanasut
Nattawut Konglee


This article, entitled “Creation of a series of paintings: ‘The Happiness of Phi Ta Khon,’” is part of the study in creative research titled “The Happiness of Phi Ta Khon: Artistic Creation of Abstract Paintings Inspired by the Vibrant Colors of the Phi Ta Khon Festival.” The objectives are to study the Phi Ta Khon festival tradition in Dan Sai District, Loei Province, and to explain the steps and techniques involved in creating the artwork. Additionally, it analyzes a series of paintings titled “The Happiness of Phi Ta Khon.” The study found that these paintings stand out in terms of “lines and colors,” showcasing a vibrant array of colors scattered throughout the artwork. The “scratching and wiping” technique was employed, starting with lightweight acrylic paint followed by thin, clear, dark-weight oil colors layered on it and then scraping off the oil paint using materials such as cloth, paper, and rubber sheets. The result was overlapping colors and dynamic lines dispersed throughout the paintings. By reducing the intricate details of the Phi Ta Khon figure and intensifying emotional expression through the scraping technique, the “The Happiness of Phi Ta Khon” painting series embodies abstraction.


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