Analysis of factors influencing the implementation of creative community-based tourism promotion policies in Ranong Province

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Chaiwat Puttaroek
Supanut Subnawin
Mayuree Watkaew


This research aims to: 1) study the level of policy implementation and level of creative community-based tourism promotion practices, 2) study the factors influencing policy implementation that have an impact on promoting creative community-based tourism, and 3) propose guidelines for implementing the policy on creative community-based tourism promotion in Ranong Province. The research uses a mixed-methods approach, integrating both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. For the quantitative study, the sample group consists of 400 Thai tourists visiting Ranong Province. The tool used is a questionnaire, and the statistical methods employed include mean, standard deviation, and stepwise multiple regression analysis. The qualitative study will involve interviews with eight key informants who were involved in implementing tourism policies in Ranong Province. The interviews were then analyzed in a descriptive way. The research results were as follows: 1) the factors influencing policy implementation, overall, were at a moderate level, while the level of creative community-based tourism promotion was generally high, 2) factors influencing the policy implementation, including clarity of policy goals and objectives, participation, and social and environmental context, have an impact on the promotion of creative community-based tourism, and 3) the guidelines for implementing policies related to creative community-based tourism include collaboration among the government, private sectors, and relevant organizations. They should cooperate to establish tourism promotion policies and develop community areas using existing resources to showcase unique identities and lifestyles. Additionally, they should design the tourism infrastructure to align with the community context and use social media for public relations on the province’s tourism from diverse perspectives. Those involved in tourism in Ranong Province can utilize the data obtained from the research for planning, improvement, and as a guideline for sustainable tourism management in the future.


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