Perceived Organizational Support Affecting job Performance Through Employee job Satisfaction Supplements Bangkok

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This research aims to 1. the perceived organizational support to the effective performance of product supplement 2. to examine perceived support operational efficiency through employee satisfaction. the company supplements 3. to support recognition of the performance characteristics of the resulting operational efficiency through employee satisfaction supplements. 4. to study the perceptions of satisfaction working as a variable transmission between the perception of support from the 5th to the performance. 5. the recognition of an independent variable in the organization's environment and awareness of organizational support satisfaction in the workplace. The samples used in the study perceived organizational support of employees that affect security software and operational organization of the food supplement limited sample consisted of 222 questionnaires were used in the research. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The hypothesis was tested by analyzing the correlation of Pearson. And simple and multiple regression analysis (Fisher's Exact Test). The results showed that the organizational climate of communication within the organization and relationships within the agency has enjoyed a positive influence on the work of the personnel. The flexibility of the organization. The Organizational Communication And the warmth and support a positive influence on the performance of personnel. While the perceived organizational support and job stability. The advancement opportunities for Psychology and social work has a positive influence on satisfaction in the workplace. Regarding Compensation and Benefits Security in and the opportunity for advancement in performance has a positive influence on performance. The satisfaction of working with a positive influence on the performance and throughput parameters of organizational climate and perceived organizational support to the performance of employees in the company. Supplements Ltd. While voluntary work has resulted in increasing the influence of organizational climate and perceived organizational support to the pleasure of working more. The results are summarized and discussed. As well as suggestions for future research.


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