The Development of Thai-English Abstract Translation Handbook for Buriram Rajabhat University Students

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พุทธชาด ลิ้มศิริเรืองไร



The objectives of this research were 1. to investigate the needs for Thai-English abstract translation handbook of Buriram Rajabhat University students, 2. to develop the Thai-English abstract translation handbook for Buriram Rajabhat University students, 3. to find the Effectiveness Index (I.E.) of the handbook, and 4. to examine the satisfaction towards the constructed handbook. The sample group consisted of 66 third year English majors, faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Buriram Rajabhat University from group 1 and 2 who were studying in the second semester of academic year 2015. The research instruments included a needs assessment questionnaire, focus group discussion form, pretest and posttest, and a satisfaction questionnaire. Collected quantitative data were analyzed for percentage, mean, standard deviation, and effectiveness index while qualitative data were analyzed by using content analysis. The results of the research showed that: 1) the needs of the sample group towards the handbook were found at the highest level. 2) In terms of the development of the handbook, it was found that the evaluation of the handbook made by the experts was overall found at the high level, 3) the effectiveness index of the pre-posttests was at 0.5169. And 4) The level of satisfaction of the sample group was overall found at the highest level.

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