Curriculum and Instructional Differentiation for Meaningful Learning: Meeting Learners’ Needs and those of the Society

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Henry Yuh Anchunda


Curriculum and instructional differentiation are an unavoidable issue in education. It responds to students’ needs and interest by organizing learning activities based on students’ strengths and ability. The purpose of teaching and learning is to enable the learners to understand the concepts and subject matter as well as develop specifically required skills based on learners’ needs. Effective analysis and understanding of learners’ needs, learning styles, background, interest, culture and experiences will help instructors in planning and differentiating curriculum and instruction taking into consideration learners’ needs, interest, and abilities. Differentiating content, learning process, product or learning outcomes, learning environment and assessment will respond to learners’ needs and the needs of the society in general. Differentiating instruction and based on learners’ needs, interest and ability and style enhances effective participation of learners.


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บทความทางวิชาการ (Academic article)