Guidelines for the Establishment of Laws to Determine the Powers and Duties of Community Police

  • Suchin Rodgumnoed Law Program Students Western University
  • Siripong Sopha Lecturer in Doctor of Law Program Western University
Keywords: Community, Community Policing, Community Police Box


This qualitative research gathered data from document and 20 key informants. This research aims to study factual and legal problems with regard to the powers and duties of Thai community policing, and the concepts, theory, and comparative analysis of law measurement as it relates to the powers and duties within international communities that are applicable in Thai contexts. The research found that Thailand’s main application of the concepts of community policing is completed through the practice of police community relations. With regard to the factual problems, the study found that there is a discontinuity in the community policing operation in Thailand, a lack of community participation, and no law that directly specifies the powers and duties of community police. The comparison between Thai and foreign community policing reveals that there is more serious application of community policing in foreign countries, especially in Japan, than there is in Thailand. There are police box dotted throughout the country in Japan. The legal regulations relating to the powers and duties that can be applied to Thai contexts, include the determining of community police box as the local police sub-stations in local communities and establishing community policing to be a specific duty in the National Police Act, B.E. ….


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