Developing Guidelines Scout Activities in Secondary School

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Thanyalak Klongklaew
Thak Udomrat


This research aimed to study the developing guideline scout activities in secondary school. The purpose for study the condition for organizing scout activities in secondary school. The research aimed to Mixed Method Research : quantitative research and qualitative research, there were 2 stages of research. The first to explore data by synthesizing scout documents. The second use questions to study the conditions and guidelines for organizing scout activities in secondary school. Consists to 5 aspects to 1) scout administration, 2) boy scout director,    3) curriculum and instruction work, 4) financial work and 5) measurement and evaluation. The target group were 62 schools, administration and the chief of senior scout activities. A total of 124 people. The third for study to successful practices of the Scout Master School. (Best Practice) by choose specific for 5 locations (Purposive Sampling). Information provider is administrations and the chief of senior scout activities 1 each for 10 people.  Tools used as semi structured interview forms 2 stages : Developing guidelines school activities in secondary school by focus  discussion group. The guideline was the evaluated of its possibility by administration by 62 people. And chief of senior scout activities by 62 stakeholders. A total of 124 people. The research results were as follows: 1) The results for study to conditions and guidelines for organizing scout activities in secondary school. Consists of 5 aspects : scout administration, boy scout director, curriculum and instruction work,  financial work and  measurement and  evaluation. It was found oval, the level of scout activity is at a moderate level. With a small average of each side. 2) Guidelines for organizing scout activities in secondary schools  created  comprises three elements : 1) principles and concepts of scout administration, 2) scout administration in schools, : scout administration, boy scout director, curriculum and instruction work , financial work and  measurement and evaluation and         3) scout activities in schools, :  planning, doing, checking, ,acting and leading. Has a level of evaluation results for highly beneficial and highly applicable.


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