Mixed Media Painting Inspired by Phetchabun Province’s Motto

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Kwanjira Jieansakul


This current research aims to exhibit a creative production of mixed media paintings, which convey Phetchabun Province’s motto stated “Sweet Tamarind City, Nam Nao National Park, Si Thep Old City, Khao Kho Commemoration, King Pha Mueang City”. The researcher interpreted and generated the motto into a form of mixed media painting, basing on the own unique and aesthetic experiences. It involves knowledge construction on techniques and methodologies in creating the mixed media paintings. Regarding documentary analysis and field data collection, it resulted to the creative artworks where Phetchabun Province identities were depicted. Drawing from the motto, it illustrates how artistic natural resources are as well as tourist attractions and worth historical places of Phetchabun. Consequently, 6 techniques in mixed media, 11 mixed media paintings were finalized.


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