Drug Problem Presenting Method Aspect Through Characters in Novel Series “Rak Hom Fah”

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Pornpan Onto
Watanachai Monying
Saiyud Buathum


This research aims to analyse drug problem presenting method aspect through characters in “Rak Hom Fah” novel series which consists of 5 novels; Phra Jun Klang Jai, Tai Saeng Dara, Fah Lom Sai, Plai Saeng Daw and Plaw Weha. The novels were analysed using main characters, Nemesis characters and supporting characters by focusing on the characters those present drug problem in the novels. The research found that 1. Drug problem presenting method aspect through main characters present former drug dealer and convict who has reformed himself aspect by reflecting cause of dealing drug and following issues of it which is being disgusted by society, The novels also presents aspect of surrounding people whom were effected by those involved with drug which reflect the consequences to family members of drug dealers, Ambassador aspect by reflecting the solution to solve drug problem, police aspect by reflecting risk of handling with drug problem, And attorney aspect by reflecting solution to solve drug problem by justice. 2. Drug problem presenting method aspect through nemesis characters present drug users aspect by reflecting cause of using drug in teenager and harm of drug, drug dealers aspect by showing that dealing drug is a threat to society and a obstacle to country, and drug producer aspect by reflecting that more dealing and producing cause problems such as family problem criminal problem or even degenerate society and country. 3. Drug problem presenting method aspect through supporting characters presents drug users aspect by reflecting cause of using drug which is persuaded, deceived by other drug user, drug dealing aspect by reflecting cause of dealing drug which is greedy and police, solider aspect by reflecting the difficulty and co-operation of dealing with drug.


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