Cosmetic Purchase Intentions of Customers in Thailand Via Social Media Channels

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Worrathep Suwanpusaporn
Worraya Rojchanapaphaporn
Natthawat Vongchavalitkul


The purpose of this research was to analyze the direct influence of opinion influencers on social media, electronic word-of-mouth communication, and brand image that affects the intention to purchase cosmetics. To analyze the indirect influence of opinion influencers on social media and electronic word-of-mouth communication that affects the intention to purchase cosmetics through the interspersing variable of brand image and the indirect influence of opinion influencers on social media that affects the intention to purchase cosmetics through the intermediary variable of electronic word-of-mouth communication. This research is quantitative, with a sample group. There were 414 samples of people who had purchased cosmetics and used social media in Thailand. The tools used to collect data were questionnaires, and the data were analyzed using statistical packages. Using structural equation modeling (SEM) analysis. The result of this study indicates the opinion of influencers on social media, electronic word-of-mouth communication, and brand image. They can explain 83 percent of the variance in cosmetic purchase intentions, with a brand image having the greatest influence on cosmetic purchase intentions, followed by the opinions of influencers on social media and electronic word-of-mouth communication, respectively. Research results are used to relate to the marketing field and as information for marketing planning. The benefits of the research can be applied to make the marketing plan by using social media influencer marketing.

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Suwanpusaporn, W., Rojchanapaphaporn, W., & Vongchavalitkul, N. (2024). Cosmetic Purchase Intentions of Customers in Thailand Via Social Media Channels. Rajapark Journal, 18(57), 363–378. Retrieved from
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