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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration
  • The submission file is in Microsoft Word document file format. Use the letters TH Sarabun PSK as an example of the publication format of the journal.
  • The length of the research article should not exceed 15 pages (including references) and comply with the journal's publication format. Reference material is written in the form of APA 6th edition.
  • If any action involving humans or animals Must be approved by the Institutional Review Board, IRB by specifying the authorization number within the contents of the protection section.
  • Transfer money, pay bills for submitting articles and attach proof of transfer in pdf format and upload files in submission process (except first submission. Still do not need to transfer money Which you can transfer money only when The editors accept submissions of your work only.
  • If a plagiarism is found in the Chiang Mai Rajabhat Research Journal It is the sole responsibility of the submitter of the publication.

Author Guidelines


Journal template / research articles

The editorial team has established regulations of manuscript submission for the authors to use as the guidelines of submitting manuscripts for publication. "Chiang Mai Rajabhat Research Journal". The editors can review the manuscript before publication for the quality of the journal, and can be used as references. By the way, Chiang Mai Rajabhat Research Journal is the support academic work for society by setting aim and scope. To publish articles that are beneficial to society or localities in Social Sciences & Humanities with three sub-branches. There are 1) Arts and Humanities 2) Business, Management and Accounting and 3) Social Sciences, which can be shown that it is able to solve problems or improve society, community and locality. Moreover, it clearly brings benefits, or changing in awareness and perception of problems and solutions of community.


Preparation for the original article, the details are as follows

Print pattern

  1. Font: use Th Sarabun PSK front

Thai article title use bold font, font size 20pt left-aligned

English article title use regular font, front size 20 pt left-aligned

Author name (both Thai and English) use bold font, font size 18 pt right-aligned

Author agency (both Thai and English) use regular font, font size 16pt right-aligned

Email and telephone number, use regular font, font size 16 pt right-aligned

The main topics use bold font, font size 18 pt

Context body use regular font, font size 16 pt

  1. Page setup: top and left, size 1 inch, bottom and right 1 inch
  2. The length of context body: No more than 15 pages including picture tables and references.
  3. 4. English usage patterns in Thai texts
  • Scientific name, the first letter use capital letter, and use italics such as Uglena acus
  • Proper name must begin with capital letters of every word such as Berdmann, Lemmermann

-   English, both inside and outside the parentheses, use common letters such as Random complete block design

-   Abbreviations use all capital letters and should have the full word on the first use such as (Random complete block design: RCBD)





Content Sorting

  1. Title: Use both Thai and English. The specific English title, only the first letter of the title that use capital letters. Besides, use common letters except specific name.
  2. Name of researcher: Specify the surname of the main researcher and co-researchers by specifying the place of work or affiliated agencies, email and telephone number both Thai and English.
  3. Abstract: (Thai first and then English, in the case of an English article, there must be an abstract in Thai). It Is a summary of the main point, type of research, research objective, research methodology. Summarize the research results in a concise, clear and a new knowledge including things that will effect society and local community. Identify important statistics. Use concise language in complete sentences and prose, not divided into sections. The abstract in both Thai and English should not exceed 1 page of A4 size paper, and specify the keywords (Keywords) at the end of the abstract in each language
  4. Introduction: Write the background and importance of the problem. Theoretical concepts used, objectives and advantages.
  5. Methodology: Describe the instruments and equipment used in the experiment, and describe the experimental study methods. Population and sample, research method, research instruments, data collection and data analysis.
  6. Results: Writing a study proposal should be concise and show research results clearly.
  7. Discussion: Writing discussions of study results is to clarify the research results whether it corrects according to the objectives, research hypothesis. It is consistent or inconsistent with previous research of others, how and for what reason. Compare or interpret to emphasize the importance of the research and summarize as easy as possible.
  8. Conclusion and suggestions: Write a summary of the main points of the research whether it corrects to the objective or not, by focusing on the problems or argument in the main points including useful suggestions.
  9. New knowledge and the effects on society and communities: Write a summary of the new knowledge that happened, and the effects on the society, local and communities.
  10. Acknowledgement: May or may not be there. It was an expressing gratitude to those who contributed to the research, but not the participants in the research.
  11. References: There should be at least 10 items. There should be international references and should be as current as possible by providing references in English all types of references list. In the case of Thai references Include Thai references at the end of the line, for the editors to review translation accuracy into English.


Reference writing example /References in content

American Psychological Association (APA) 6th edition writing format, by inserting a references to the content. Specify the surname of author, year of publication, and reference page number. The case the author is Thai such as Paisan Worakham (2561, p,12) type as Worakham (2018, p.12). The case the author is foreigner such as Barrows, H.S. &  Tamblyn, R.M. (1980) type as Barrows & Tamblyn (1980).


Format for writing bibliography / reference lists

  1. Writing the references, sort all references that use for referencing in the first alphabetical order of the reference list by dictionary order.
  2. There is a writing style, American Psychological Association (APA) 6th edition. Provide references in English for all types of references list. To prepare to enter Asean Citation Index (ACI). Thai references list must be translated into English and the suffix parenthesis (In Thai) (In the case of Thai references include the Thai reference at the end of the line, for the editors to review translation accuracy into English.


Details of writing a bibliography / references

  1. Journal (References journal that up-to-date/most current)

   (General Format)

Surname, /the first letters of the name. /(Year of publication). /Title of article, /Title of journal/Year of journal (issue), Page Number Starting - Page number ending.

The case the author is Thai author

Author. (Year). Title of article. Title of Journal, Volume(Issue), Page numbers. (In Thai)

Wattanalaungarun, W., Sa-ingthong, K., & Chaiwoot, A. (2019). Study for Uniqueness in Tourism Base on Sustainable Tourism Management, Mae Rim District Chiang Mai Province. Rajabhat Chiang Mai Research Journal, 20(2), 53-68. (In Thai)

The case the author is foreigner

Elmastas, M., lsildak, O., Turkekul, I.,  &  Temur, N. (2007). Determination of antioxidant activity and antioxidant compounds inwild edible mashroom. Food Composition and analysis, 20(1), 337-345.

  1. 2. Book

Surname. (Year of publication). Title of book. (Edition). Place: Publisher

The case the author is Thai

Author. (Year). Translated Title. Place: Publisher. (In Thai)

Rangkhakunnuwat, P. (2013). Time Series Analysis for Economics and Business. (4thed.). Bangkok: Chulalongkorn University Printing House. (In Thai)

The case the author is foreigner

Courtney, T. K. (1965).  Physical Fitness and Dynamic Health. New York: McGrew-Hill Inc.

  1. Thesis (If the that subject has an article in journal use references from the journal)

Surname. (Year of publication). Title of dissertation / Independent research. (Degree, University).

The case the author is Thai

Author. (Year). Translated Title of dissertation. (Doctoral dissertation or Master’s thesis, University). (In Thai)

Sunretphol, N. (2004). A Development of Educational Indicators for Lifelong Learning. (Ph.D., Srinakharinwirot University). (In Thai)

The case the author is foreigner

Magyar, C. E. (2014). The discourse of tourism and national heritage: A contrastive study from a cultural perspective. (Doctorial’s thesis, University of Madrid).

  1. 4. Electronic media (Refer to only up-to-date information/ Up-to-date such as

Population statistic etc.)

Surname. (Year of publication). Title. Retrieved from the title of website

The case the author is Thai

Author. (Year). Translated Title. Retrieved from URL (In Thai)

National Statistical Office. (2019). Survey of Working Situation of Population 2019. Retrieved from (In Thai)

The case the author is foreigner

Rankin, E. (2013). Residential school survivor says he was starved CBC NEWS. Retrieved from


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