Strengthening of Organic Vegetable Supply Chain Network: Case Study of Food Safety Project, Lampang Hospital


  • สุรยุทธ ทองคำ คณะวิทยาการจัดการ มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฎเทพสตรี



supply chain, Lampang Hospital, organic-vegetable


        The purposes of the research were 1) to study patterns of the Supply Chain of Organic Vegetable: Case Study of Lampang Hospital 2) to study the process of strengthened supply chain network. This was a qualitative research, The population is sampled consist of Nutritionist, Professional Level at Bureau of Health Administration Ministry of Public Health, Head of Nutrition Department of Lampang Hospital, 2 Lampang Provincial Public Health Office, Single farmers, 2 representative farmers groups who supply vegetables to hospitals and 1 collector. The research methods consisted of in-depth interviews and participatory observation.
         Study results showed that the supply chain management of organic vegetables for hospital was the integration between nutrition department of the hospital, Lampang Provincial Public Health Office, farmers and collectors. The hospital had a plan in advance to select required vegetables for a specific time and they coordinated with the farmers. The network strengthening can be achieved via creating a network of Lampang Provincial Public Health Office, flexibility in the operations of the hospital and strengthened network of farmer groups.  


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