Music and Life Living of Tai Yai People from Thungyao, Pai, Mae Hong Son


  • Montira Sirisawang Department of Music and Performing Art, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Chiang Mai Rajabhat University



Music, Way of life, Tai Yai people, Mae Hong Son


      This research entitled “Music and Life Living of Tai Yai People from Thungyao, Pai, Mae Hong Son” is Ethnomusicology research with qualitative research methodology. Aims to Study the musical culture of Tai Yai ethnic group and the process of conservation in Thung Yao Subdistrict, Pai District, Mae Hong Son Province.
      The result of this research found about the population majority in this subdistrict is Tai Yai ethnic group and established a community for over 200 years. There is a way of life and culture that is consistent with agriculture also has Tai Yai musical culture and it relate with other Tai Yai culture in the other areas. The popular Thai Yai musical ensemble and always performed in tradition culture is Klong Kon Yao (Shan long drum). Klong Kon Yao ensemble consist musical instrument with Mong Gang (set of Gong) and Shap (Cymbol). This ensemble usually performs for entertainment activities and the community parade.
     The guideline for Tai Yai musical culture conservation is the participate process of community and educational institution in this area; integrate Tai Yai musical culture with the formal education by course in school curriculum. The preservation Tai Yai musical culture intended to the youth with musical socialization, leads to preserve other Tai Yai culture.


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