Role of Department of Social Development and Welfare Management for the ethnics group in Chiangmai


  • Kumpol Jaitanong Department of Public Administration, Westesrn University
  • Saruda Sompong Department of Public Administration, Westesrn University



Decentralization, , Integration, Good governance


     The research of  study the  Role, Factors affecting the management of problem and obstacles And guideline for management for managing  ethnics group in Chiangmai province. Methods of study by qualitative research.The  populations were 4 groups  which   are central government  excecutives 6 persons, the  top excecutives of the province are  3  people, district chief 7 people , and  16 ethnic group representratives, a total of 32 people.Data was analyzed by analysis and interpretation. The  research found the ethnics group management role of the Department of Social development and Welfare  were not as successful as should be due to bureaucratic reform of 2002, resulting in decentralization of power to various departments  as usual. As for the role of the problems and obstacles, there are 2 component. 1)The components that support the government are the national development policy as a whole, and the people development center in the highlands and the mechanism of people ’s network  helps drive mission. 2) The  curbing element is a problem that has existed from the past to the present.As for the proposal to solve the problems, there are 2 ways. 1) To change management by decentralizing to local administrative organizations at the provincial level 2) To encourage the use of real good governance principles of participatory integration management.


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