Factors Related Local Herbal Use Behavior Towards Self Care among Village Health Volunteers in Mae-Rai, Mae-Jan District, Chiang-Rai


  • Palika Wetchakul School of Medicine, Walailak University
  • Wirinya Mueangchang School of Medicine, University of Phayao
  • Jutarat Poobantad Mae Rai Tambon Health Promoting Hospital




Behavior of using medicinal plants, Health volunteers, Self-care


     A descriptive cross - sectional study aimed to survey factors related with people’s behavior towards self-care among village health volunteers and study to survey factors related with to leading factors, supporting factors and auxiliary factor with the relationship of personal factors of the daily use of herbs of among village health volunteers in Mae-Rai, Mae-Jan district, Chiang-Rai. The data was collected between August and September, 2020 and used questionnaire for to collect data. The data were collected by using a questionnaire that was validated for the research tool's validity from experts in the amount of 3 people. Totally, 154 health volunteers were selected. Descriptive statistics and analysis statics using Fisher’s exact test and Peason’s Product Moment Correlation Coefficent were applied for statistical analysis.
     A result of the survey results shows that the predisposing factors for work experience of health volunteers were different correlated with the behavior of using traditional herbs in health care statistical significance of difference at .05. The supporting factors to the acquisition of traditional herbs for self-care of health volunteers had a moderately relationship. Statistically significant at .05 (r = .473) and the auxiliary factor to receiving information on the use of traditional medicinal plants in self-care of the volunteers. Mae Rai sub-district had a moderately relationship Statistically significant at .05 (r = .534)  The study suggested that an information from studies applied to promote health volunteers about proper use and safety of herbal medicines in healthcare. If volunteers can use herbal medicine properly, they will be able to distribute the knowledge on herbal medicine to the community.


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Wetchakul, P., Mueangchang, W., & Poobantad, J. (2021). Factors Related Local Herbal Use Behavior Towards Self Care among Village Health Volunteers in Mae-Rai, Mae-Jan District, Chiang-Rai. Community and Social Development Journal, 22(3), 159–173. https://doi.org/10.14456/rcmrj.2021.247231



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