The Situation of Farmers Rearing Native Chickens in Muang La, Udomxay province, Laos PDR


  • Amphone Phasouk Faculty of Agriculture and Forest Resource, Souphanouvong University, Lao PDR
  • Phahol Sakkatat Faculty of Agricultural Production, Maejo University
  • Phutthisun Kruekum Faculty of Agricultural Production, Maejo University
  • Saisakul Fongmul Faculty of Agricultural Production, Maejo University



Native chicken, Agricultural information, Farmers, Muang La


   This study aimed to explore 1) socio-economic attributes of farmers raising native chickens., 2) Pattern of Native chickens farming system in Muang La, Udomxay Province, Laos PDR. and 3) Figure out the problem and suggestion for native chickens raising of farmers in Muang La district, Udomxay province, Lao PDR. A set of questionnaires was used for data collection administered with 319 farmers who raising native chickens in Muang La. Obtained data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics i.e. frequency, percentage, standard deviation, maximum and minimum. Findings showed that most of the respondents were female, 31.7 years old on average, lower to elementary school graduates and married, and they had 6.55 household members on average. The average income from the agricultural sector was 5,813.54 baht per month on average and most of them (94.4 %) had their own land on average, 11.65 rai. They communicate with district agricultural extension staff average 2.82 times annual. Only 31.70 percentage of the farmers had attended a training or observational study on agriculture production, about 34.2 % of farmers had got agricultural information from local ratio. Additionally, more than half of them (59.6 %) were not members of community organizations.
  Native chicken farming system, 62.5 % of farmers raises native chicken under semi free-range system, the main feed was whole grain (86.8 %), unvaccinated (60.5 %), non-business raising (57.4 %) They reared 36.21 native chickens per head on average and most of the respondents perceived agricultural data or information through radio and they had 9.81 years of experience in native chicken rearing. Those had 3.62 chicken rearing work force and more than one-half of them (61.8 %) used their own investment fund. In addition, problems suggestion are food, water and farm management problems. including animal health animal welfare in the environment, there is only one aspect that farmers do not encounter problems, elements of native chicken farm. 


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Phasouk, A., Sakkatat, P., Kruekum, P., & Fongmul , S. (2021). The Situation of Farmers Rearing Native Chickens in Muang La, Udomxay province, Laos PDR. Community and Social Development Journal, 22(2), 20–34.



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