The Development of Primary School Students’ Communicative English Skills through Community-based Learning Media, Pa Tum Don, Prao, Chiang Mai


  • Suchanart Sitanurak Chiang Mai Rajabhat University



Development of English skills, Pa Tum Don Community-based Learning Media


     The main purpose of this research, titled “The Development of Primary School  Students’Communicative English Skills through Community-based Learning Media”, was to improve  the communicative English Skills of students in Grade 4-6, Pa Tum Primary School, Prao, Chiangmai. The core objectives of the study were: 1) to create and develop  community- based learning media in Pa Tum Don community 2) to study the quality of the learning media developed for this purpose 3) to improve  the English achievement of the students in the community, and finally 4) to determine  the level of satisfaction  towards such  community-based learning media.The research was conducted using a purposive sampling method consisting of  40 students in  Pa Tum Primary School, and also involved 9 teachers and 5 experts, who specialized  in English teaching and evaluation as well as  in creating respective learning activities and media. In the process, pre- and post-test assessments, media evaluation forms and satisfaction questionnaires were used to collect data, which were subsequently analyzed for standard deviation, T-test, degree of freedom, statistical values, and content analysis.    

     The results highlighted that 1) The development of such community-based learning media should include 3 steps, namely: the creation of the community-based learning media, the assessment of the efficiency of the media and lastly, the evaluation of individual performances.2)The quality of the community-based learning media appeared to be  satisfactory  (X̅ = 4.37) and useful for its purposes. 3) The English achievement of the students had  improved after using the media (level .05). and 4) The level of satisfaction towards the learning media was high (X̅ = 4.37).


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