Sufficiency Economy Promotion for Community Economic Development of Ban Chai Thale Rangchan Community, Samut Sakhon Province


  • soodchalerm Sattrapruek Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thailand National Sports University Samut Sakhon Campus, Thailand
  • Nopparut Poblarp Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thailand National Sports University Samut Sakhon Campus, Thailand



Economic development, Community economic, Sufficiency economy, Career and income development, Community enterprise


The objectives of the research were to study the level of sufficiency economy promotion and to study that promotion of sufficiency economy as it relates to the economic development of the Ban Chai Thale Rangchan community. A sample of 162 people of Village 4, Ban Chai Thale Rangchan by Krejcie and Morgan Tabel. The data collection tool was a questionnaire. The data was analyzed by using statistics, percentage, arithmetic mean, standard deviation and the Pearson Correlation Coefficient. The results of the study showed that the level of promotion of the sufficiency economy of the Ban Chai Thale Rangchan community, was high ( =3.57). Promotion of the model community of sufficiency economy attained the highest average ( =3.66). The promotion of the sufficiency economy, including the promotion of the Sufficiency Economy Community model, the promotion of Sufficiency Economy Learning Center, the Group of Seafood Processing Community Enterprise Development and the development of community tourism were found to have positive correlation with the development of the community economy through its financial system and capital, all of  which contributed to enhancing welfare, career and income development, with a statistical significance at 0.01 level. The results of the study on the promotion of the sufficiency economy in relation to the community economic development of Ban Chai Thale Rangchan demonstrates that to strengthen a model for the sufficiency economy community, the community must continually create a learning process in the community, develop new products, and build distribution channels for community products both within and beyond the community, including the online distribution channel, in order to strengthen the stability of the basic community economic system.


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