Legal Measures Concerning the Wrongful Ordered of the Government by Corruption


  • Kittipat Osotyiamsiri Master of Law Graduate School Sripatum University Chonburi Campus


government official, employment contract, corruption


            This thesis aims to study the contract of government. In the civil servant system according to the regulations of the Office of the Prime Minister on government employees, 200 Is an employment contract determined by the government sector only. Has a schedule of duties and privileges of government employees Contract for employment of the contract with the status of employer and employee of the government sector Is a government official. Therefore is an administrative contract And the government sector has given exclusive rights to the contract of government agencies of government agencies The administrative department has used the command. "Use discretion" or "Consider" For the flexibility of the administrative department and the maximum benefit of the government And the public sector can "give privileges" In using power derived from performing duties by position In order "Use discretion" or "Consider" Or the government sector "use the privilege" is strictly prohibited In performing duties and using power Must be in accordance with the laws of the rule of law and rule of law. Being a duty and using that power must be based on righteousness For the common benefit and the welfare of the people as a whole.           
           The duty to use the master must be under the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand B. E. 2560. Section 3, paragraph 2, for the legitimacy of the government contract In using righteous power 157.


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