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ภาคภูมิ ภัควิภาส
รัฐนันท์ พงศ์วิริทธิ์ธร
สาลินี ชัยวัฒนพร


         This study aims to: (1) explore behavior and marketing strategies that affect purchasing decision making of premium pasteurized milk products; (2) find out guidelines for determination of appropriate marketing strategies for premium pasteurized milk products in Aumphur Mueang, Chaing Mai Province. The research sample consisted of 400 people who have been consumers of premium pasteurized milk products in Aumphur Mueang, Chaing Mai Province. A questionnaire was used as the research tool for collecting data. The study found that majority of respondents were males who were between 22–30 years old. They were private company employees with bachelor degree educational level and earned 10,001–15,000 baht per month. They bought the products for their own consumption. The main reason for purchasing was because of their nutrition value. They were willing to buy the products at the price of between 21-30 baht. The frequency of consumption was 1-2 times per week. They consumed the old brand. They normally purchased the same brand from convenience stores in the morning. In addition, results indicated that the overall marketing-mix factors were rated at the high level for all factors, namely, selling place (X = 4.12, S.D. = 0.70), price (X = 4.08, S.D. = 0.82), product (X = 4.01, S.D. = 0.46), and marketing promotion (X = 3.60, S.D. = 0.77) respectively. Guidelines for development of the marketing-mix
factors were as follows: for the product factor, the producer should focus on hygiene, safety, and especially on quality of raw material as approved by the Food and Drug Authority; for the price factor, the price should be reasonable for the product’s quality; for the distribution channel factor,
the producer should provide multi-channel of distributions which would enable consumers to purchase the products easier; and for marketing promotion factor, the producer should campaign via various public relations media, such as billboard, local radio, and using social media such as
Facebook in order to build brand awareness.


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