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นิกร จันภิลม
ศตพล กัลยา
ภาสกร เรืองรอง
รุจโรจน์ แก้วอุไร


      Educational Technology plays an important role in the reformation and development of  Thailand structure adjustment towards Thailand 4.0 era in order to upgrade the quality of people’s life. Technology has been connected with all sections of administration, especially in education where educational technology is needed for reforming instructional model, development of 21st Century skills in order to enhance capacity in educational management, and promotion of the learners to have ability in science, mathematics and technology. Researchers from various disciplines are supported for educational innovation development. The education system of Thailand 4.0 era is suitable for learning behaviors of learners that have changed. The application of modern technology stimulates the learning, encourages creative innovation thinking as well as scientific research and technology so as to increase the competitive capacity of Thailand.


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จันภิลม น., กัลยา ศ., เรืองรอง ภ., & แก้วอุไร ร. (2019). EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY WITHIN THAILAND 4.0. Panyapiwat Journal, 11(1), 304–314. Retrieved from
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