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อภิญญ์พัทร์ กุสิยารังสิทธิ์


The objectives of this research are 1) to study the demographic characteristics of mobile phone users affecting their decision to select mobile phone network service and 2) to study the creation of shared value of mobile phone networks affecting mobile phone network users’ decision to select mobile phone network service. The research sample consisted of 1,240 mobile phone network users from AIS, DTAC and True Move H networks in Bangkok Metropolis and vicinity. A questionnaire was used as the data collecting instrument. The statistical procedures employed for data analysis comprised descriptive statistics including the frequency distribution, percentage, mean, and standard deviation; and inferential statistics of t-test, ANOVA, Scheffe’s method of   pair-wise comparison, and stepwise multiple regression analysis.  The .95 confidential interval was pre-determined for hypothesis testing.

The results indicated that every demographic factor of mobile phone users affected their decision to select mobile phone network service; and the creation of shared value of all three brands of mobile phone network service affected the mobile phone users’ decision to select mobile phone network service.


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กุสิยารังสิทธิ์ อ. (2020). CREATING SHARED VALUE AFFECTING TO DECISION MAKING IN MOBILE NETWORK USER. Panyapiwat Journal, 12(2), 14–29. Retrieved from
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