Customer Journey of Gen X and Gen Y : The Case Study of Top 3 Luxury Watch Brands : Rolex, Omega and Patek Philippe

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Pongpan Santitam
Patama Satawedin


The objectives of this study were 1) to explore customer behaviors and patterns of customer journey in buying luxury watch brands 2) to compare similarity and difference of customer behavior and patterns of customer journey among Gen X and Gen Y groups for the luxury watch brands. The data were collected with 5 from each customers group, in total 10 customers who experienced in buying luxury watch from the case study brands using phone interviews to study the customer journey in decision-making process including awareness, evaluation, purchase, and usage. It was shown that both Gen X and Gen Y had a very similar pattern in decision-making process. The sampled customers were exposed to information from various sources including online, offline media and personal sources. Also, a certain period of time was taken for the customers to compare the information gained and online sources were used as the main medium for information searching. The print advertisements were, at the same time, essentially important for the customers. The most influential factor to make a purchase was price and the brand that well reflected the quality and reliability of its products. In order to complete their journey, nonetheless, the customers would have to be at their best convenience and in most suitable situation. In other words, there were many factors including a reliable purchasing channel, product availability, expected and reasonable price range, and customers’ current purchasing power will therefore be considered in ending the customer journey.


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