The Budget Management of Local Administration Organizations in Northern Region

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Wirasak Somyana
Kamolthip Kamchai


This research has the aims as to study the problems, the threats and the potential of the budget management in line with self-sufficiency economy of local administration organizations. This study will submit to be the organization’s budget management strategy. The result had found that most of them have to rely on the government income and pay on high current expenditure. As their low potential in income collection cause their low allocate expenses or low in public services. The operation problems had found that there were not clearly, approve slowly and unclear understanding. The potential of the budget management in input, process and output had efficiency budget plan, sufficient budget in resources management and to be continue in the future. The budget management emphasized on good government, transparency, accountability and high advantage in the level of the self-sufficiency economy network (sustainable organization) and understanding (happiness organization). They have 7 good budget management principles as 1) reasonable creating, advantage targeting and public happiness 2) creating conscious mind in corruption resistance 3) Using the efficiency communication and technology, saving, break even, appropriate for both man and work 4) Creating the values in work with perseverance, honesty, accept the other opinions 5) Developing the human resource to have knowledge and always creating their self-sufficiency economy 6) Creating the community and organization participations in both work process and output 7) Having the investigate and control systems by using public participation.


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