Administrative Success Factors of Local Administrative Organizations in Chiang Mai Province


  • chairat Nateeprasittiporn Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Rajabhat Chiang Mai University



Success factors, Administration, Local administration organizations in Chiang Mai


     The objective of this qualitative research was to investigate the success factors for receiving administrative awards of Local Administration Organizations (LAOs) in Chiang Mai province. The simple random sampling method was applied to select the samples from 30 agencies to participate in the orientation and focus group activities. The activities were divided into five groups: administration; health and environment; life quality, the elderly, women and families; community enterprises and tourism; and arts & culture, traditions and local wisdom. Two groups were not selected, which were infrastructure and educational management.   
     The research results revealed that the awards most of the agencies received were on administration. The seven contributing success factors consisted of strategy, structure, system, shared values, staff, style, and skills. Moreover, the success factors based on their missions were categorized into two aspects. The first one was based on what LAOs initiated and supported from the beginning, which included administration, health and environment, and the quality of life, the elderly, women and families. The second one was based on available local resources that LAOs could support and promote, which comprised businesses, tourism, arts and culture, traditions, and wisdom. Another factor found in this study was the attitude of Organizations that competition or inspection from state and private sectors was not an examination but a stimulation to always be on guard and prepared for change and innovative creation in order to respond to the needs of people in their respective administrative areas. It is recommended from this study that LAOs wishing to become successful should define their short and long-term visions, missions and local development strategies based on the national strategies, and that local administrators as leaders must be able to translate the visions, policies and strategies of their organizations into practice for their subordinates to implement.


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