The Development Community Learning Activity for Knowledge of Elderly Health Promotion Base on Lanna Local Wisdom : Case Study Suthep Municipality, Muangchiangmai District, Chiangmai Province


  • samart Jitae Department of Public Health, Faculty of Science and Technology, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University



Community learning activity, Elderly health promotion, Lana local wisdom


This study aims to develop and efficiency assessment of learning community for knowledge of elderly health promotion base on Lanna local wisdom. The number of sample size was 265 households and 16 stakeholders live in Suthep Municipality Muangchiangmai District, Chiangmai Province. Data collected by community learning activity, test and stakeholder group operational seminar. The descriptive, efficiency of E1/E2 according to the set criteria of 80 /80 and paired t - test were utilized data analysis. The results indicated that the community learning activities consisted of knowledge, essential compounds, traditional herbal utilities  and existence factors of traditional herbal. The efficiency value was specified at  80.00 / 80.00 percent (82.66 / 88.24). Comparison of learning activity the post – learning achievement score was higher than the pre – learning achievement  score (p - value = 0.006). In concluding, the elderly suggested that to lesson content, time and activity addition.


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