The Components of Marketing Tools and the Development Ways for a Community Products in Chiang Mai Province to the Aec


  • Parasee Anek Faculty of Management Sciences, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University



The Marketing components, Community products (OTOP)


The research on “The Components of Marketing Tools and The Community Products Developmental Methods in Chiangmai Province in AEC Era” objectives are study the Marketing Components tools apply for the community products (OTOP 5 stars) in Chiangmai and study the customer needs for the marketing components of OTOP Products in Chiangmai. The research found that the entrepreneur’s OTOP 5 stars are apply the marketing components for Product development with maintain the product identity first, next priority is clear cost , then online marketing ,last is sales promotion. On the customer needs for product standard guarantee first, next is reasonable price, convenience (easy to buy) last is seasonal promotion.


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